Excellent Customer Relations and Services

Credit Card and Debit Card Processing: Guaranteed lower rates. No contracts, leases, or exit fees. Simple and straight forward. Terminals and Mobile options available for purchase or lease.

NXGEN Surcharging Product: Stop paying Credit card fees! IT is legal to surcharge for your products. But you must do it legally. Let NXGEN-Iowa help. Great for Non-Profits, Schools, Universities, and Charities.

ACH, Electronic Funds Transfers, and Recurring Payments: Any type of Electronic payments can be done through NXGEN-Iowa.

Point of Sale Systems(POS): Talech, uAccept, CLover, and plenty more Point of Sale Systems are offered through NXGEN-Iowa.

EZ Pay for Big Tickets: Tired of customers not being able to pay for sticker shock bills. Veterinarians, Auto Shops, Website Development, Funeral Homes,  are all good examples. Business gets paid in 48 hours, EZ pay handles the payment arrangements. It is that EZ.

Small Business Loans: Get a small loan for your business. Instead of a fixed monthly fee, pay it back based on a percent of your processing. Rolls with your business and keep it convenient. From $5,000 – %50,000.

eCommerce Payment options: We provide Gateways for websites, and Payment options. Take credit cards online for registrations and goods. Secure, easy, and completely seamless systems.

Website Development: If you need a splash page, landing page, or custom development, we can help. Get a quote today for your website.